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EZ Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit - EZ Painting Tools

"Made my painting project way easier. Cleaned up easily!! So glad I got this!", Ez Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit Customer

Russ S. USA 

EZ™️ Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit

  • Zero Dripping, Zero Spill

  • Paints half wall in a single load

  • Cut painting time from hours to minutes
  • Easy to use with even distribution of paint.

5pcs - Household Kit8pcs - Pro Kit
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You’ll be Amazed at the Speed

EZ Roller Pro Kit eliminate to bend down and re-wet your roller again and again. 

No more painting large area takes hours of your time, switching to EZ Roller Pro Kit can save you time and money. 

This EZ Roller Pro Kit gives better coverage than regular paint roller plus, No dipping means no mess, Cost-effective as you use waste less paint

Everything you need to complete your painting project

  • Enjoy long-lasting painting sessions with our easy-to-fill roller - no refills needed!

  • Less time climbing up and down a ladder

  • No mess from dipping means no mess
  • Cost-effective as you use waste less paint
  • Crafted from durable steel, PP plastic, and a quality brush for a reliable tool.
  • Bonus sponge and flocking can included for added versatility and convenience.
  • Lightweight at just 555 grams, our roller is a breeze to hold for comfortable use.
  • Add a touch of sophistication to your toolkit with our elegant blue design.

Why you choose EZ Roller Pro Kit? 

The innovative fillable roller eliminates the need to constantly re-dip the brush, allowing for a seamless and efficient painting experience. This versatile tool set is not only reusable but also incredibly easy to clean. Simply rinse with water, store it away, and it'll be ready for your next project, just like new.

Designed for user-friendliness, it is perfect for tackling home decoration tasks, sprucing up furniture, and painting those hard-to-reach areas like cupboards and doors. With its variety of handle sizes, you can effortlessly access every nook and cranny.

It has everything you need for a successful project, including a bucket, brush, roller, spatula, and an assortment of handles.

  • Roller holds a lot of paint, allowing you to paint the entire wall in only 5 minutes. 

  • Even your kid and Old People can Handle it

  • Cover a Greater area Faster and More Evenly
  • No prep time, NO drop sheets, NO tape masking.


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EZ Roller Pro Kit - Household Kit
Set of 5: Roller paint pro + Flocked edger + corner pad + Resting tray + Easy-pour-jug
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EZ Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit - EZ Painting Tools
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EZ Roller Pro Kit - Pro Kit
Set of 8: Roller paint pro + flocked edger + Corner pad + Resting tray + Easy-pour-jug + Aluminum expansion pole
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EZ Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit - EZ Painting Tools
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Frequently Asked Questions

To heavy for ladies and kids ?

Untrue. This product is amazing and not too heavy at all.

Can this works with oil base paint?

It's recommended to use water paint. If use oil-based paint, it will difficult to clean the roller. The roller is washable and reusable with water paint.

Can the roller attach to extension poles other then the one include?

Yes, the roller can be attached to any other regular extension pole. 

How do you clean it?

I used soap and water. My paint was not oil based. It have cleaning instructions as well.

How long can this product be used, is it easy to be damaged by water?

It cleans up easily and the rollers are reusable 

5pcs - Household Kit8pcs - Pro Kit
  • Free Shipping & Returns